We believe when a company chooses to outsource a need to a third party, the company is simply saying “here, you worry about it!”  IT and equipment maintenance certainly fit that belief in an independent private practice and there are times where’s it is okay to do so.  The problem we see is when practices do the same with their revenue cycle management.  No longer does one simply get reimbursed for the services rendered on a given day.  Today, a reimbursement begins with credentialing & contracting, proper authorization & verification of benefits, coding & documentation, and successful submission with follow up…and that’s assuming everything is entered correctly.  Practice owners cannot afford to simply say “here, you worry about it” to life blood of their practice.  Rather than outsource, a practice must partner.   

We believe we are the best partner for independent therapy practices for one reason only… our team.  At the core of everything we do is a CAREteam comprised of experienced healthcare professionals strictly focused on reimbursements for PT, OT, and Speech.  The CAREteam understands the lifecycle of a claim along with the nuances and attention each stage needs to ensure the highest reimbursement possible in the shortest amount of time.

We believe in our mission to BE OF SERVICE to our clients, working hard each day to develop a trust.  We do not promise our clients that we will take the worry of reimbursements off their shoulders.  What we promise is to deliver the information, metrics, and results that will take a practice owner from working in their business to driving their business.  When our clients are faced with unprecedented circumstances, we stand with them.  Our experience and history afford us the ability to be flexible and anticipate what’s next.